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M A X Talent Management | M A X Talent Management is Brisbane newest & brightest boutique talent agency for all your film, television & model requirements.
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The M A X Difference

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About Brigitte O’Brien

Brigitte O’Brien has a business background in advertising, marketing and magazine publishing. Her successful business Green Media operated in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for five years.

Brigitte started in the modelling industry as a teenager, trained by June Dally Watkins and learning quickly. She was involved in many campaigns throughout New Zealand.

Over many years, her experience included the Gold Coast in the 1980s when the focus was on sun, fun and meter maids, through to the ‘90s when it was all about big shoulder pads and brightly coloured fashion shows.

In 2014, an opportunity arose to be an extra in the Warner Bros. film San Andreas, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Brigitte fell in love with the acting industry. How things work together on set, the people, the feeling of satisfaction when the Director calls “that’s a wrap” and everyone has worked hard towards the same goal.

Since that first movie experience, Brigitte has appeared in short and feature films, music videos and corporate DVD’s. She has acted in party scenes, funeral scenes, been a bikie chick, a mum, a secretary, a psychologist and many other roles.

Her understanding of the people and the processes in acting and modelling encouraged Brigitte to set up M A X.

She wants to use her experiences – good and bad – to help others achieve their goals.


For all talent new to the industry we offer an introductory workshop. The helps you to feel confident and covers basics of working in the industry. M E – modelling and empowerment courses are held from time to time during school holidays and occasional evening courses.
We are different, we offer a professional model teaching catwalk, or professional actor. We work with a local clothing designer to provide garments for fashion parades. It is not a requirement to model swimwear. If you prefer to wear something different bring it! M E classes are about empowerment. It’s up to you to embrace it.
Courses also offer experienced and qualified hair and makeup artists, dieticians as well as yoga teachers. Workshops are also available. Please check back or contact us for up to date workshops and classes.

Destiny Rescue is a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children trapped in child sex trade. Human trafficking, child prostitution and sexual abuse is a global problem. Brigitte worked with Destiny Rescue pro-bono managing marketing and advertising. Australian model Jessica Hart was appointed Ambassador during this time. M A X talent management is committed to raising awareness about Destiny Rescue.


There is no cost to join M A X. We take an industry standard commission of 10%. The rate of pay varies quite a lot depending on the job, again industry standard. From time to time if we believe it to be in your best interests we may refer you to some unpaid work. You are under no obligation whatsoever. In order to obtain work you do need to be registered with online casting databases. You will be advised of all costs. You will need to have up to date photos and showreels if you are experienced. If you are already registered with an online casting database you do not need to pay again. We do have regular photo shoots and days for showreels.

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